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Normandy, Paris, Cologne, Berlin, Dresden and Prague


June 30 – July 15






Grades 9-12

Our Modern Europe travel-study program is focused on International Relations and European History. Every day will be an opportunity for historical exploration and adventure. You will witness some of the most important events of the 20th century, contemplating the D-Day landing on the beaches of Normandy, the two World Wars in Paris, Berlin and Dresden, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of communism and the velvet revolution in Prague, and contemporary international politics in Europe and the world. You will visit some of the most beautiful cities in Europe: Paris, Cologne, Berlin, Dresden and Prague, traveling alongside inspirational historians every step of the way.

Drew H.,

Modern Europe Historic Tour: Dresden & Prague Day 11: Dresden Modern Europe left Berlin today, arriving in what some know as “the Florence on the Elbe” – Dresden, Germany. After we had some time to explore the city’s old town and grab some lunch, we headed for the heart of Dresden, the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady). Here we engaged in some thoughts on the consequences of conflict in Modern Europe, and namely, the infamous firebombing of the city of Dresden, and therefore the Frauenkirche, during the ...

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Program Highlights

  • Go on a unique educational journey to Europe’s greatest cities, lead by inspirational instructors, in the company of new friends
  • Relive history’s greatest moments, travel in time pondering the issues of war and peace, international politics and diplomacy
  • Discuss the D-Day Landing while walking on Omaha Beach in Normandy, experience the Cold War at the Berlin Wall Memorial and Checkpoint Charlie, discuss totalitarian ideologies and democracy at the DDR Museum in Berlin and on Wenceslas Square in Prague, and countless other landmarks
  • Live in modern, centrally located 3 star hotels in each city
  • Eat authentic food in local restaurants, getting a taste of the local culture
  • Learn in a fun, interactive way, outside of the classroom (hence our Experiential Learning Method!)
  • Be a savvy, sophisticated traveler. Go above and beyond the standard tourist checklist!
  • Meet local youth and make friends from all over the world
  • Included excursions to Europe’s greatest museums: Louvre, the Old Masters Gallery of Dresden, Berlin’s Topography of Terror, Museum of German History, and many more
  • All inclusive 2 week session

Daily Schedule

With some of Europe’s greatest cities on our itinerary this program will fly by. We want to make sure each day is an opportunity for you to learn about, explore, and experience the local culture in its many forms, from monuments and museums to concerts and cuisine. Mornings include guided tours and on-site lessons while afternoons and evenings are dedicated to optional cultural activities and excursions, free time for exploration, and nightly group meals.

Important note: Curfew and Free Time

The students will have approximately 2 – 3 hours of free time per day, subject to our safety rules and guidelines. The curfew is at 11 pm on weekdays and 11.30 – 12 midnight on weekends, subject to change at program director’s discretion.

If you were there...

  • Morning

    Morning Class

  • Morning

    Normandy American Cemetery

  • Afternoon

    Checkpoint Charlie

  • Afternoon

    Jewish Cemetary

  • Afternoon

    Ice Cream in Paris

  • Afternoon


  • Afternoon

    Students in Prague

  • Night


  • Night

    Night activity ghost tour


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Normandy and Paris -

You will start your journey in time in France, on the beaches of Normandy, where the U.S. and its allies launched the greatest naval invasion in history, marking a turning point in the bloodiest war known to man. You will relive these historical moments at the Omaha Beach Memorial and Museum, where one of the fiercest battles took place, and at the Memorial in Caen. We will then spend three days in Paris, a major center of European politics and culture, where the students interested in international relations will discuss the outbreak of the two world wars, the Treaty of Versailles, and the origins of the European Community. After inspirational lectures and spirited debates, we will find time to enjoy the beauty of Paris, its everyday life, not to forget its world famous cafés and restaurants.

Cologne and Berlin -

On the way to Berlin the group will make a day stop in Cologne (Köln), home to the world famous Köln Cathedral. This landmark miraculously escaped the heavy wartime bombing which left the rest of the city in ruins. We will then spend four days in Berlin.

At the heart of European politics, Berlin is the economic nucleus of the European Union, proudly at the forefront of the green energy, progressive urban development, and contemporary art movements. A troubled past and bright future makes Germany’s capital a truly unique destination. Tours of the Topographie des Terrors, Deutsche and Jewish History Museums and profound Holocaust Memorial will demonstrate how Berlin, riddled by strife and division in the 20th century under the Nazi and Communist regimes, has become a symbol of new, unified Europe.

Dresden and Prague -

On the way to Prague, we will make a day stop in Dresden, the capital of Saxony, sometimes referred to as “Florence of the Elbe”, a city of elegance, architecture and art, home of the famous Dresden Art Gallery hosting Rafael’s Sistine Madonna. Dresden was also one of the German cities that sustained the heaviest Allied bombing during WWII.

A one-time capital of the Holy Roman Empire, Prague is nicknamed the “City of a Hundred Spires.” During our stay in this beautiful city you might do enough walking (and photo-taking) to be able to count all of them! Home to celebrated author Franz Kafka, the city offers a poignant contribution to your exploration of 20th century European history. You will learn how Prague’s history has affected the world atop the Charles Bridge, feel directly connected to the past as you view the changing of the guard at the colossal Prague Castle complex, and learn about Prague’s Gothic and Baroque architectural legacies during guided art walks. From exploring the city’s labyrinthine Jewish Quarter to adding your name to the Lennon Wall, you are sure to be inspired by this enchanting Czech capital!



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Modern Civ Berlin Day 2!

Rain, rain, go AWAY!!! When its rainy and grey, CHOCOLATE makes everything better… We started off the day making our own chocolate at Ritter Sport Store! Then we went on to a tour and discussion of the Jewish Holocaust Memorial. After a great lunch at an Italian restaurant, we continued on our WWII Theme with a visit to the Topography of ...

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Staff Blogger,
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Modern Civ Has Arrived!

After a long flight over, with a stop in London to shop at Harrods and bump elbows with other world travelers, we made it to Berlin! Trying our first currywurst and big salads, we headed to bed with full stomachs. -Jeanne Scheppach (Photos by Hannah ...

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Alexis R.,
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My Second Abbey Road Trip: Modern Civilization!

This will be my second year traveling with Abbey Road. Last year I went on the Western Civilization program. My brother Jason also went on 2 Abbey Road Program trips: Western Civ and Barcelona. My favorite thing about last year was meeting great people and how much fun we had with the guides. They make learning exciting! I live in San ...

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