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College Visits & Admissions in Boston. Extension to New York and Washington DC
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Boston, MA
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Harvard University

Boston University

Boston College

Yale University

Columbia University


Princeton University

Georgetown University

George Washington University

Option 1:
June 27 - July 24
Option 2:
June 27 - July 10
Option 3:
July 11 - July 24
New York and Washington DC (optional extension)
July 24 - July 29
University residences & hotels

College visits in Boston with an optional extension to New York & Washington DC

Harvard, MIT, Boston University, Tufts and more. Optional extension to Yale, Columbia, NYU, Princeton, Georgetown, and George Washington University.

Grades 9-12

College Admissions Prep & Essay Writing

Journalism & Creative Writing

Business & Marketing

Opt 1: 4 weeks
Opt 2: 2 weeks
Opt 3: 2 weeks
Optional extension to New York and Washington DC
$985 $885

Choosing the perfect college is one of the most important decisions you will make as a young adult. This program will give you a chance to visit some of the best schools in the Boston area, with an option to go on a travel extension to colleges in New York, Washington DC and vicinity.

Our instructors will schedule personal meetings with admissions counselors, work with you on improving your admission essays and test scores, conduct mock interviews, and help you explore financial aid opportunities. You will also learn how to research and write college papers, which will serve you well in your future studies.

Our international students will be able to improve their English skills, immerse in American history and culture, learn about visa requirements for foreign students, and work on their TOEFL or IELTS scores.

No-Stress Travel Guarantee

Whether you missed your connecting flight, lost your luggage or encountered any other problem, rest easy knowing that our staff and travel agents will help you with all necessary arrangements, help you re-book your flights, find a hotel room and cover all necessary expenses, such as meals, clothes, personal items, and more.

<p><strong>New York and Washington DC</strong></p>

New York and Washington DC

Have a picnic with your friends in New York’s Central Park, catch a Broadway show in the Theater District, visit the Metropolitan and Guggenheim museums, discover the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC and much more!

If you were there...

  • Morning
    Morning Class
  • Afternoon
    Boston College Tour
  • Afternoon
    Group Discussion
  • Afternoon
    Visit to the Franklin Park Zoo
  • Afternoon
    Kayaking on the Charles River
  • Afternoon
    Group Dinner

Emma H.

The spectrum of these ranges from strictly living out of a hiking backpack for two weeks in the North West to residing in a French dorm with the goal of foreign immersion. While all of these trips have been rewarding and well worth my time in their own ways, my latest journey to Boston for the Abbey Road test Prep Program was incredibly fulfilling for the particular time in my life that it came. It goes without saying that the majority of students approaching the fall semester of their senior year typically experience high anxiety with ...

  • Program Highlights
    • Find the college of your dreams by visiting campuses in the Boston area and an option to go to New York and Washington DC: Harvard, MIT, Tufts, Boston University, Yale, Columbia, NYU, Princeton, Penn State, Georgetown, George Washington and more
    • Talk to admission counselors to get an inside perspective on how to strengthen your application. Work on your admissions essay, conduct mock interviews, showcase your academic achievements and interests, global conscientiousness, extracurricular activities and community involvement
    • Take advantage of individual visits and appointments based on your interests and favorite colleges
    • Learn how to do research and how to write well-supported, compelling papers for your college classes
    • Improve your SAT & ACT scores – they will still be important
    • Navigate options for financial aid under the guidance of our instructors
    • If you are a foreign student, improve your English and TOEFL or IELTS test scores, immerse in the English language and American history and culture
  • Daily Schedule

    This program will have a busy and exciting schedule, with three major metropolitan areas and close to a dozen colleges on its itinerary. A typical morning will include a group discussion followed by a college visit. In the afternoons the students will break into small groups to discuss their application materials, work on their admission essays, mock interviews and test scores. In the evenings they will attend cultural activities and excursions, enjoy group meals and free time.

    Important note: Curfew and Free Time

    The students will have approximately 2 – 3 hours of free time per day, subject to our safety rules and guidelines. The curfew is at 10:30 – 11:00 pm, subject to change at the program director’s discretion.

  • Residential Life

    You will live in a comfortable, modern, centrally located student dorm on Emerson College campus, right by the Boston Common. Living in a University dorm, learning to be independent and self-reliant is a valuable experience that will serve you well in your college years. Our staff members will live in the same building with you and make sure your experience is safe and comfortable. They will help you plan your household chores, organize your schedule, get along with your roommates, and assist with any other needs.

    You’ll be on a college “meal plan,” with occasional group dinners at local venues. This perfect location will give you a chance to take advantage of Boston’s exciting city center, its historic neighborhoods, waterfront and the famous Theater district.

    While going on an optional trip to New York and Washington DC students and staff will stay in comfortable, modern hotels.

  • Evening and Weekend Activities

    Visiting Boston, New York and Washington DC will let you cover the best of the Northeast, America’s historical, cultural, financial and political center. In addition to exploring some of the best colleges in the country, you will also have time to enjoy the company of your new friends in many exciting settings.

    Past favorites have included:

    • Boat cruise on the Charles River
    • Volleyball at the Boston Common
    • Shopping and group dinner at Newbury street
    • Movie night in downtown Boston
    • Catching a Broadway show in New York’s Theater District
    • Boating in New York’s Central Park
    • Visiting the Metropolitan and Guggenheim museums
    • Visit the Smithsonian and the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC
    • Free time and group dinner in Washington’s Georgetown neighborhood

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Kayaking on the Charles River

After a morning of class, students went kayaking on the Charles River Monday afternoon. This was the first time in a kayak for some, but they were all naturals! We stopped for ice cream near the MIT campus on the way back. [caption id="attachment_4608" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Students put on life vests prior to ...

by Staff, Staff Blogger

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