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Michelangelo’s David
by Student, Meghan K. , Virginia

15 July, Wednesday

An eventful Florentine day, filled with history. During my afternoon art history course, we went to the Academia. Michelangelo’s David has to been seen to be believed and I could have happily spent the entire class looking at it. It’s amazing to think that we are looking at an object that has lasted for hundreds of years and will last hundreds more. Art truly is a window into the past, and Florence has a lot of windows.


The evening saw even more art, this time of our own creation. A small group had the opportunity to make traditional Florentine plates in the maiolica style. Enzo, a professional potter, told us all about the history of ceramics and glazing in Italy before showing us how to glaze our plates and use a template from the 13th century. I can’t wait to see how my plate will turn out after it is fired. 

On Tuesday we had a movie night at a local theater. The awesome old theater where we saw Citizen Four. Watching a movie with Italian subtitles was interesting. 

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