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We have finally arrived in St. Laurent-du-Var!

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We have finally arrived in St. Laurent-du-Var!

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When we arrived in St. Laurent we met our professors as we came out of the gates. We were welcomed with big smiles the moment we saw them. We were taken to our homestay family and introduced to our mother and father. Right away we became immersed in the French culture. We were told that we could settle in and sleep off our jet lag. Later that day we met the other girls staying with our homestay family. After they had a chance to also settle in we went to the beach with our homestay mother and had a wonderful time in the sun and in the water. 

While walking in “la vieille ville” in Nice

The next day we met all the other students. First we all met up and had a small orientation then ate lunch. After this we shortly walked around St. Laurent and then we went to see “la vieille ville” in Nice and took the train to get there. We were aloud free time to walk around on the beach or in the streets to see what was there and get to know more of the other students.

About to take the train to Nice

After we left Nice and returned back to St. Laurent went to our homestay families, showered and changed for dinner. For dinner we all went out again. As a group we had dinner on the beach in a wonderful restaurant. After dinner we were allowed to break off into groups and walk along the beach then we were picked up and taken back to our homestay families.

I can say it was a pretty good first two days.

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