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Up and Down the Cote D'Azur

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by Emilie S.

I spent this past weekend gazing at the beautiful views and towns of Antibes, Jaun les Pins, Montagne,  and Monaco.
The scenery was amazing, but the atmosphere of these towns ( or principalitie) was very different than Nice. Monaco was laid back, chic, and quiet, while Jaun les Pins, Montagne, and Antibes were cute, mini versions of Nice.
Emilie S. Monaco
The highlight of my weekend was going to a  restaurant independently with my two friends. I ordered my dinner of ravioli en français, and although the waiter could tell I was not french, he commented on how “well I spoke”.
Emilie S. ravioli
It was a great accomplishment to order entirely in french and have the waiter continually speak to me in french, despite my two years already spent learning french in school.
Emilie S. friends
I was very happy with the weekend and glad to emerse myself in French culture for a full day in different towns.
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