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The Academic Rigor Continues at Stanford University

The start of the new week meant a return to classes.

Leadership Academy students spent six hours learning about international and nuclear diplomacy in preparation for their Model U.N. Summit coming up next week. They debated nuclear disarmament policies ranging from nuclear weapons are good for world peace to nuclear weapons shouldn’t spread to additional countries and the outright abolition of nuclear weapons. After a long day of classes, everyone relaxed at night by watching a movie on their computers.

On Tuesday, the students again spent most of the day in class learning about international issues. At night, they participated in a self-defense class I taught and had a blast learning some new defense techniques. Afterward, most of the kids decided to continue their physical fitness by playing basketball and volleyball, befriending fellow students from other summer programs in the process.

Today, the students got a small reprieve from their coursework. After a morning class learning about water pollution and using breakfast items as a means to create polluted “water” (mixtures included various sodas, milk, juices, sports drinks), the students were given the afternoon and evening off to relax. Some students used this time to go to the pool. Others went back into Palo Alto for another round of shopping. A last group used the afternoon to enjoy a nap or take care of odds and ends like laundry and homework.

-Andrew Bannister (Photos by Brittany Knotts)

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