10 Reasons You Can’t Wait to Spend Your Summer in London

We’re heading into the chillier months, but it’s never too soon to plan your summer adventure! As if there wasn’t enough to do in London, the long days of summer here mean more hours to fill with fun. After a few weeks of June gloom, London settles into a balmy summer when everyone is in a good mood and you can still see the sun's rays at ...

by Guest Blogger, Frances Lai

Modern Europe Highlights

With some of Europe’s greatest cities on our itinerary this program will be an unforgettable journey. We want to make sure each day is an opportunity for you to learn about, explore, and experience the local culture in its many forms, from monuments and museums to concerts and cuisine. For more information please visit Modern Europe ...

Wondering What to Eat While You’re in London?

Wondering What to Eat While You’re In London?   When people think of London, what usually comes to mind? The Tower of London, Big Ben, the British Museum, and Buckingham Palace – generally these are the big landmarks that people would list. But for anyone that thinks more with their stomach – as only the best of us do – their ...

by Staff, Anthea Mitchell

Looking Back at Modern Civ

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