College Prep

Packing Guide for College

For most of us, going to college is the first time we leave the family home.  Suddenly, all that stuff you’ve been surrounded with all your life will no longer be there.  Fear not, you will survive without it.  The solution is not to try and take as much of your family home with you as possible.  You do not need to transport the entire ...

by Guest Blogger, Jamie Rose

Actionable Ways to Rock Your Study Skills

Study skills may come easy for some students. However, for those students that struggle to keep up with term papers, discussions, projects, and all other tasks during a study abroad program is overwhelming. Perhaps, you have tried a system of study skills. Does the feeling of achievement leave you empty? It might be time to evaluate your study ...

by Staff, Sophia Glinski

Abbey Road in Boston

College Prep program is a great way for students to improve their SAT and ACT scores, work on their college admission essays and gain valuable pre-college experience.   [embed][/embed]  

5 Tips to Ace the SAT/ACT

5 Tips to Ace the SAT/ACT As one of the world’s worst test takers, the SAT and ACT were my living nightmares. I dreaded studying for them, taking them, and even hearing their names made me sick to my stomach. But after taking at least five real standardized tests - among countless practice ones - I have acquired many tips and tricks to ace ...

by Staff, Jolie Blair , Sun Valley, Idaho

5 Tips to Acing Those College Essays

5 Tips to Acing Those College Essays One of the most stressful parts of my college application process was writing the essay for the common app in addition to each supplemental essay for the different schools. After some trial and error, along with the occasional breakdown with tears followed by ice cream, I realized that there were a few ways ...

by Staff, Jolie Blair , Sun Valley, Idaho

The Benefits of Staying Choosing a Homestay

When choosing between different study abroad programs and locations, one of the biggest questions you must ask yourself is, “where will I live?”  As students, often times we get caught up in the country we are visiting and focus on aspects such as historical monuments and cuisine. While these are important factors to your study abroad ...

by Staff, Monet Timmons

Applying: An Overview

Applying to college is often a very stressful process for most students. However, by being organized and remaining on the schedule, you can ease a lot of that anxiety. Here is a general checklist of the essential components that you need in order to apply to college: Transcript: All schools want to know about your grades and your ...

by Student, Emma R. , Gladwyne, PA

Finding The Best Fit

There are many factors that contribute to the college application process and one of the most important aspects to begin with, is choosing the right school, among the thousands of universities in the world, that will be the best fit for you. First, you should figure out what it is that you want or like out of a college. For example, the ...

by Student, Emma R. , Gladwyne, PA

Boston, Session 1

  For starters, the Abbey Roads College Prep program has been an amazing experience for me and I encourage any fellow hard-working student to seize this opportunity if they have the chance. When I first heard of this program I realized I had never really focused on the ACT. After I discovered exactly how important these standardized ...

by Student, Kenley W. , Boston, USA

SAT prep and College tours

So Tuesday was my (and the rest of the new kids’) first official SAT prep class of this session, where we met our prep teacher, SAT extraordinaire, Patrick Choi. Patrick has been working with the Princeton Review to tutor high schoolers for the last fifteen years, and genuinely loves his job, which made his class almost fun (considering it ...

by Student, Jonathan O. , New Hampshire