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Surf and Study in Cadiz
by Student, Rachel P. , Cadiz, Spain

Tuesday morning we spent time in classes and then walked to the University of Cádiz to explore the library. We discussed Spanish literature and took a look at the books. I chose a book comprised of postwar poems written by various Spanish poets.

Surfing, Cadiz, teen travel
Surfing La Playa Victoria, Cadiz

For our afternoon activity we headed out in a parade of taxis to take surf lessons up near La Playa Victoria. After practicing our surfing moves on land, we dove right in and caught some waves! Before heading home for the night, we met up for gelato in La Plaza Mentidero. I’m always surprised by the number of people who stay out late in Spain. Even though it was 11:30 pm on a Tuesday night, kids were running around screaming, adults were sitting on benches and lots of people were milling around in the plaza.

Kayaking, Cadiz, Summer, Teen Travel,
Kayaking/Paddle Boarding, Tarifa

Its very different from my home town where many people hang out at home. In Cádiz I can usually hear people talking and kids giggling outside until as late as 3 am.

Wednesday we talked about grammar and commercials. We stopped for some quick café con leche and then we went out to a museum of art near la catedral. Our assignment was to create a short video as if we were selling one of the paintings on TV. Later in the afternoon we took the bus just across the bridge to Tarifa. There, we took out kayacks and paddle boards. We had a lot of fun pushing each other off the boards and some of us even got to see a sting ray!


-Rachel P.





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