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St. Laurent Visits Nice

Our day started off with our regular French class. We spend about one hour in the classroom doing structured lessons, then leave the residence and do more interactive activities. Today, my class discussed things like our life back home, our families, our activities, passions, likes, dislikes, etc. After our classroom session, we regrouped with the other class and we all left for Old Nice. Our task was to find 5-8 random French-speaking people in Old Nice to interview and ask a set of questions that we were given. I really liked this exercise, because I got to practice my conversational skills and comprehension of the language. I was also very happy that everyone I asked to interview was very kind, patient, and willing to help me with my task and my French. After French class and lunch, we had electives. We were joined by the students from Saint Laurent du Var, which I really enjoyed, because it’s nice to meet new people, especially ones who are also interested enough in French to spend a summer there. They seem very nice, and I am eager for our future experiences spent together. We crammed into a classroom and spent about thirty minutes conversing in French. Afterward, we grabbed some ice cream so we could last in the heat. Then both groups walked together to a local park on a mountaintop for some afternoon soccer, hanging out, and petanque (a French game much like bocce ball, but known all through France as an old man’s sport – you can often find retired French men at parks bickering and playing petanque). I took part in the soccer game, which didn’t last too long, because the heat took its toll on us. After a sweaty game of soccer, we said goodbye to the Saint Laurent du Var students as they departed back home. I am excited for our next meeting in hopes that it will be even more fun than this one! –Anna