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Spanish Lifestyle and Culture
by Student, Brendan O. , Cadiz, Spain
Spanish Lifestyle

Over the past couple of days, our group has been delving even deeper into Spanish Lifestyle & Culture.  In class, we spent an entire day learning about the Spanish education system.  We learned that it differs slightly from America’s education system, especially at the university level.  There are many scholarships available for qualified Spanish students to attend public, low-cost universities.  An education in Spain costs thousands less than an American education; accordingly, median salaries in Spain are more than $10,000 less than those of the United States.

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¡Tapas en El Pópulo!

In addition to learning about the education system, we also spent time discussing one of Spain’s most iconic offerings: tapas.  We learned about different types of tapas from cheeses to Chorizo and pescaito frito.  With our newly acquired knowledge, we headed to the streets later that night for some local tapas in a region of Cádiz known as “El Pópulo.” My favorite tapa would have to be pescaito frito such as calamari.  I also enjoyed eating “Chorizo Ibérico,” a delicious cold cut.  Another great thing about enjoying tapas is the atmosphere; no rush, just hopping from restaurant to restaurant with good friends.

 -Brendan O.



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