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Service, Vistas, and Tapas

Exciting day yesterday!

Alejandra’s class visited Ludoteca Crayolas, a daycare set up to help working parents who can’t afford to pay for private daycare.  All of our classes will be visiting this week and volunteering their time with the school.

In the afternoon, we all went to the Torre Tavira and enjoyed the views from the top of the tower, as well as the real-time shots of Cadiz from the camera obscura. Unfortunately, photography was not allowed in the camera obscura room, but trust me – it was really cool, and the students loved it.

At night, we had a tapas contest. Six teams of students made homemade tapas and competed to be named an Abbey Road tapas master.  They were all amazing, though we ended up with a clear winner in the team of boys, who made some absolutely incredible cheese-filled mini hamburgers. I’m still thinking about them today. Also delicious were the biscuits, the varieties of meats and cheeses on bite-sized bread, the bruschetta, the chocolate dipped fruit, the guacamole, and basically everything that was presented.

Tonight we will be going out for local tapas, so the experience juxtaposes nicely. And tomorrow, we head to Jerez! We will be visiting the town via mini train and taking a trip to the zoo! More soon on our final days here in Cadiz.

-Christopher Romero Bond

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