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Seeing the Sites in Northern California

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So far, the program is very interesting. I’m becoming close to all the people in the program as well as learning a lot from our professors.

On Thursday, we had a seminar on clean water with Camille, another Ph.D. student at Stanford University. During the class, we watched a documentary on the privatization of water by multinational corporations. Then we did an exercise looking at how much water we use in an average day. I was surprised to see how much water my family of four uses.

After lunch at the dining hall, we had another class about nuclear security and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty with Benoit. After that, we grabbed some Starbucks and went back to the room to get ready for another day in Palo Alto.

The next day, we took a well-deserved break from classes and went to Monterey for a beach day. Sadly, the weather was too foggy, and the water was too cold, so we ended up just taking pictures. Finally we went to U.C. Santa Cruz for a campus tour. Even though I don’t plan on attending U.C. Santa Cruz, it was still an interesting tour.

On Saturday, we went on a tour of the Stanford campus with Andrew, our R.A., who was our tour guide for the day. Then we guys just chilled and did laundry.


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