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Secret Destinations and Dancing!

It honestly makes me so sad to think that this is my last written blog post, because leaving France and my new friends is scary to think about. These last days, however, have been absolutely spectacular, and I’m making the most of my time!

On Saturday, we were taken on a trip to “a secret destination”; we disembarked the charter bus in (drumroll)… San Remo, Italia! I spent the day shopping with friends…it was a very successful shopping day, to say the least. I bought clothing and a bottle of unique perfume, which was derived from the flowers of San Remo. I love the fact that you can only find this fragrance in San Remo. Also, the Italians were so friendly and welcoming to us! After a blissful day, we headed back to Nice. Once we returned and ate dinner as a group at the residence, a friend and I ventured to the beach to hang out and made some very sweet French friends.

Yesterday, Sunday, I awoke leisurely at 11:00 AM for a delicious, home-style brunch at the residence. Afterward, I went into town with a friend for smoothies and (oops) some more shopping. Then, we all went (including the St-Laurent-du-Var group) to St-Paul-de-Vence, a stunning little town on a mountain. It looks very similar to Eze with its cobblestone rues and rustic vibe. I purchased intricate artwork, consisting of hand-pressed flowers from St-Paul-de-Vence. I also bought fragrant lavender and soaps.

After St-Paul-de-Vence, we traveled to a seaside restaurant/beach club in St-Laurent-du-Var for our end-of-session performance and party with the St-Laurent-du-Var students. I performed three songs: Young and Beautiful, Diamonds (duet), and Jar of Hearts (duet). We commenced the performance with a dance party!

I am so excited to make the most of our last day here today!