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Relaxing day in Nice
by Student, Sophie S. , Pennsylvania

Today was a somewhat relaxing day in the town of Nice. It all started off with our typical morning French class where we were studying vocabulary words and introducing ourselves with new French phrases that will help us while living in Nice. After our classes were over, our teachers said that we were going to a museum, but really, they had led us on a long and leisurely walk up to the Chateau where we could see the entire city of Nice below us. It was a great photo op. We’d spent a good 25 minutes taking photos and then proceeded our way down to lunch where ham and vegetable quiches were awaiting us. 

In the afternoon, the group had two choices. You could either go on a bike ride or go to the beach. I chose to relax in the ocean for the remainder of my day. The bikers took a ride all the way to St. Laurent, another small town right next door. Apparently, it was extremely tiring.

Dinner was served in the residence- consisting of meat and vegetable pies, chips and guacamole, savory cheeses, and exotic fresh fruits to satisfy our hunger. Later tonight, the group traveled to a little green space right across from the beach where Virginia had given us our very own yoga lesson! Most people couldn’t handle the yoga, so they just resorted to going to buy some gelato, which we all eventually wanted to join in on. Tonight, we bonded with everyone in the residence by having a huge dance party. Today was wonderfully exhausting and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store. 

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