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Recognition of French Culture

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It seems like no matter where I go, there is an homage paid to French Culture. There are many things throughout the world that we do to remember their culture. It brings up the question, why is it that we admire the French culture so much? Why out of all the cultures in the world, the French one is so admirable and adored by all? The Eiffel Tower is the number one most visited tourist location in the world. And that monument itself has spawned many merchandise reproductions. I myself have fallen victim to the French Culture craze many a time.

There are many ways that the French culture is honored. One of these is through culinary experiences. French cuisine is known around the world for having some of the best prepared, and more importantly best tasting, meals in all the world. That is why many high end restaurants are French or utilize French cooking techniques. French food is my absolute favorite, I love the complex cooking styles that they utilize in the preparation of their meals.

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French style is also something that is greatly sought after and a lot of effort is undergone to imitate it. Women from around the world spend hundreds of dollars to be able to use French skin care products and to purchase French clothing and handbags. The French are known for their classically chic, yet modern style. France, Paris in particular, is the fashion capital of the world where eyes around the entire world are attentively glued to the new styles they come up with.

For a country so small, how is it that it can have such a large impact? What does it do that is different to other cultures to make it be so universally appealing? I have a theory. My theory is that the reason we look to and pay homage to the French culture frequently and in so many facets of our lives is because of the sheer strength of the French culture itself.

The French make one of the largest concentrated efforts to promote and preserve their culture. They believe in the importance of it and therefore take just as strong of an effort to keep it intact as they do the beautiful monuments that have been left behind by their ancestors. I love this about the French, and I can’t help but wish other countries did this more as well. We should all be proud of our cultures and where we come from and celebrate it. Maybe if a concentrated effort is made, then your culture can be as universally sound as that of the French!

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