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Off to a Great Start

The Session 2 of Abbey Road‘s College Prep program has been going on for three days now, and I am extremely happy with my decision to come to Boston and take part in the courses.

I arrived on Sunday after flying in late from Chicago, because my flight was delayed. My first impressions of Emerson College and the courses were very positive. When I arrived at Emerson College on Sunday night the rest of the course participants had already arrived in the early afternoon and had already become acquainted. I immediately felt comfortable, however, and caught up on what I had missed during a relaxing dinner at the restaurant Fire and Ice, which was interestingly named after Robert Frost.

My dorm room was also a pleasant surprise. It is a four person suite with two bedrooms, an adjoining bathroom, and a spacious common room. When I signed up for this course I expected that each individual would be required to buy their own dinner, however, the course includes three meals a day at Emerson College’s dining hall. The food is excellent and there are always a variety of options.

On Monday, we immediately began our preparation for the SAT by taking an SAT practice test, which was followed by a rigorous class on Tuesday morning. During our afternoons and evenings, we spent our time learning about college admissions, picking colleges, and writing a resume.

Although we did dedicate a lot of time to the classroom, we did not simply stay inside all day. On Monday night, we went to see Shakespeare in the Common, which is a Shakespearean play that is performed outside in the Boston Common. I found this activity was able to alleviate a lot of stress, as we were able to simply relax and watch the performance or take part in other activities like playing soccer as I did.

Tuesday afternoon gave us another opportunity to get some fresh air when we went on a campus tour of Boston College. Unlike most of the other people here, I have gone on many campus tours in the past couple of years, but the Boston College campus tour wasn’t any less interesting. I leared that it is mainly a liberal arts college, which did not have an Engineering or Architecture school. It is also a Jesuit Catholic college, and each student is required to take two theology and psychology classes. I liked how the campus is in a rural area outside of Boston, but the subway system running right outside the campus makes the city easily accessible to all the students. I find that going on a campus tour is extremely beneficial, as one can see the layout and size of the campus and learn new facts that could be deciding factors in whether or not one wanted to apply to the college. I am definitely looking forward to us going to see Tufts tomorrow as well as the other campuses we are planning to visit within this two week period.


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