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Off the Beaten Path: Street Food (Rome)
by Staff, Imani Bashir
Off the Beaten Path: Street Food (Rome)


New York Times Best selling author, Ken Follett once said, “hard work should be rewarded with good food”! Truer words were never spoken. A year of tests, essays, and powerpoint presentations can be daunting. However, the excitement of beginning your travels with Abbey Road Programs, should bring about an effervescence toward new experiences. So, as Follett says, reward yourself properly! As a self proclaimed foodie, one of the best parts of traveling is the array of dining options offered. If you love pizza, pasta and gelato then Italy is where you want to be.

But, wait…

It is not much fun to always fine dine. The best cuisine is often found on the street. Not literally, on the street, but within the walls of a Ristorante or Trattoria, if you catch my meaning. A great option to take up while exploring this magnificent city is the 90-minute, Roman Street Food Tour. This tour allows you to walk around the side streets of downtown Rome and learn how to eat like a local!


Here’s the three options:

90-minute Pizza Tasting Tour

In this tour you will be navigated through side streets of the Campo de’Fiori and Piazza Navona areas. There will be 4 stops and a sit-down lunch at a local pizzeria. There’s a minimum of 6 tastings for this tour option. This tour would make a Ninja Turtle jealous!

Roman pizza tour


The 4 Roman Pasta Tasting Tour

This tour option will give you a front-row seat into four fantastic pasta options. The four Roman pastas include Cacio & Pepe, Carbonara, Amatriciana, and Gricia. You will try all four pastas and learn the history of these cultural dishes. If you ever thought spaghetti with meat sauce was great, growing up, be prepared to have a new love by the end of this tour.

Roman pasta


90-minute Gelato & Dessert Tasting Tour

Lastly, but certainly not the least, with all the food options, dessert is a MUST! On this tour, prepare your palate for authentic Italian desserts, from scratch. This tour includes a guide through Campo de’Fiori, Piazza Navona and the Jewish Ghetto, along with four tasting stops and five total dessert tastings.

gelato tour


Whichever option you choose will not disappoint, especially if choosing all of the above. Learning the food of Rome will educate you on such a longstanding, rich history. Trying the local foods allows you to truly immerse yourself in the language and culture and meet new people. So, get out there and try something new… food, that is!

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