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My study abroad experience with Abbey Road Programs in Nice - by Sarah L.

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I went to Paris when I was eleven as part of a short eight-day tour around France, Italy, and Switzerland, and loved it so much that I wanted to travel back to France again someday. When I heard about the Abbey Road study abroad Program from the Summer Opportunities Counselor at my school, I looked it up on the Internet and applied to the Nice program soon after discussing it with my family. Now, having completed the program, I can tell you that I do not regret making that choice.

Having taken one year of French at school, I was very pumped to join Abbey Road program to Nice and use my level-1 French skills as well as improve it, being amongst French people, French food, French air – French everything. As a French language learner, I also wanted to adapt myself to French culture, perhaps to be able to understand and learn French better. Abbey Road allowed me to do so much more than what I expected. Time flew by in Nice. It was hard to believe that a month could pass by so quickly.

I enjoyed every moment of being there to the fullest. Yet, the program was not just about fun, but I learned quite a lot of French during the program. With French-speaking people around me all day, I learned to actually “speak” French and embrace the French culture at the same time. Each and every day, I learned new stuff in French, whether it was in class or during elective or at the market, a store, a café, etc. 

Our program consisted of… students from all different states as well as different countries who all got along very well.

Living in the same residence and experiencing France together, we were almost like one big family. The staff members were always open to our questions, and they helped us learn French more efficiently. Going to the bakery in the morning, taking classes, roaming around the French streets, eating gelato, buying fruits at the open market, shopping at “Vieux Nice” together, I made a lasting friendship with other students throughout the program, as well. 

During weekends, as a group, we traveled to different areas in Côte d’Azur, or the French Riviera, including Cannes, Saint Tropez, Saint Paul de Vence, Antibes, Monaco, and more.

One weekend, we traveled to Sanremo, Italy, as well. I enjoyed all the trips to those places and the picturesque spectacles I encountered in each region are truly unforgettable. Thanks to Abbey Road, I had one of the best summers I have ever had. When the program was over and it was time to leave, we all had a hard time au revoir-ing to each other. Back home from the program, I wanted to go back to Nice again for a few days. If I have a chance, I would love to join Abbey Road for another summer.

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