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My Second Abbey Road Trip: Modern Civilization!
by Student, Student Blogger

This will be my second year traveling with Abbey Road. Last year I went on the Western Civilization program. My brother Jason also went on 2 Abbey Road Program trips: Western Civ and Barcelona. My favorite thing about last year was meeting great people and how much fun we had with the guides. They make learning exciting!

I live in San Francisco where I see thousands of tourists every day, and I can’t wait to be in their shoes again! Last year I visited Rome, Athens, Florence, and Paris. While in Athens I discovered I want to be an engineer. I’m most looking forward to the things that you can’t learn, but can only discover. I like to study abroad for hands-on learning and life experience.
I’m most looking forward to exploring the cities with soon to be friends, walking places and seeing amazing European buildings. From my previous trip, the most memorable experiences came from the vastly different cultures and comparing and contrasting the lifestyles abroad and at home.
Can’t wait to visit:
  • Berlin: seeing the impact of World War Two, Berlin Wall graffiti.
  • Prague: the castle, old town, new town, the famous bridge.
  • Vienna and Salzburg:  I can’t wait to see these places and the beautiful architecture there.

See you this summer!