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My high school study abroad program with Abbey Road Programs in Nice - by Zander G.

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When I started making friends in Nice, I did not expect the social nature of the program to assist me in my quest for better language skills; however, as the program went on I found that real conversations and discussions in French are the best way to truly learn the language. The best way to engage in real discussions and conversations in French was to do so with people I know well and like. One week into the program, during our morning French class, we read material about nuclear power in France and the rest of the world. The class engaged in a discussion about the benefits of different power sources and the effects of the earthquake in Japan. We debated passionately for over an hour, speaking nothing but French. The conversation even continued long after the class had ended; students were speaking about nuclear power in the hallways. Because all of the students were so comfortable with each other, we were able to have a productive and interesting discussion. This one discussion was better than any I have ever had in French class at school, and it demonstrates the truth of the method of Abbey Road: true immersion through bonds of friendship lead to the best language learning experience. I really enjoyed my time in Nice, and I got much more out of the trip than I had expected. Overall, my trip to Nice was a fantastic experience that I would love to be able to recreate someday.

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