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My experience with Abbey Road Programs in St-Laurent-du-Var - by Elizabeth S.

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They included accidentally writing a blog post in French, reading a newspaper article in French understanding every word, and considering myself to be border line conversational/fluent. After a few days in France, it became easier to transition between English and French. I never wrote an entire blog in French, but when speaking to friends I often typed in “Franglish” throwing in a few words in French here or there. Also, when I first arrived in the US, I kept accidentally talking to people in French. I constantly had to remind myself. I had the opportunity to read several newspaper articles while in France. Though I never could understand every word, I understood the overall idea. It was fun getting to keep up with the same world I had always lived in, but in a different language. I would consider myself to be very conversational in French, but I still have a long way to go before I’m fluent. Looking back on my French speaking skills prior to the trip, I was hardly conversational. I could read and write well but I had never spoken French aloud. It was so rewarding the other day listening to my favorite Edith Piaf songs and understanding what the famous French singer was saying. 

Returning to my house in America was strange. I wasn’t used to all the space and I realized that people really don’t need that much space. I expected to be homesick in St- Laurent-du-Var. I never expected to be homesick once returning to Kansas City. I want desperately to be back in France with my friends and host family. If I was crying when I left St. Laurent, you would expect for me to bawl when leaving Paris. Yes I was sad, but looking out that airplane window, I knew it wasn’t goodbye for long. “Au Revoir, France, mais pas à jamais”, I said under my breath.

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