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Modern Civ’s First Full Day in Prague

Our first full day in Prague was a full day indeed.

We walked around Wenceslas Square (named now for the last president, Vaclav Havel), the area that witnessed both the Prague Spring in 1968 and the Velvet Revolution in 1989. Today the street is a mixture of shops, outdoor food booths, and events (that day, a European street basketball tournament).

We made our way to Josefov, the historical district of Prague, now home to the most beautiful shops and apartment complexes, interspersed with important historical sites. We, along with many other tourists that day, headed straight for the Jewish museum and synagogue complex, a series of 6 different synagogues (the most beautiful being the Spanish synagogue with an incredible golden interior) and a memorial to the people of the Czech Republic who perished during World War II.

After a fantastic Italian lunch at Cafe Mistral, students had time on their own to explore more of the city, while some went to the Museum of Communism, dedicated to Czechoslovakian history from the 1940s through the 1990s.1009172_10201428523821976_2018314920_o

After another fabulous dinner of Czech food at Lokal in the Josefov, students broke into three teams for a 25-question scavenger hunt throughout the main old town area. From finding plaques dedicated to Einstein and major historical monuments to quirky misspellings of English words on Czech menus, students wandered around the city getting to know the historical sites better while taking pictures along the way. All were winners!

-Jeanne Scheppach (Photos by Hannah Welch)

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