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Leather, David, and David vs. Goliath

by Sara E.


On Thursday, we took a tour of one of Firenze‘s most amazing leather schools. We all stood around the gilder, as he stamped in the gold patterns of his imagination, in awe. The most amazing part is how many foreign students they take in, train, and create careers for every year. Their creativity is what makes the workshop (not factory, because everything is handmade) so unique.


Everything about Friday was amazing. Our art history class strolled through the Academia–yes…where the David, of David and Goliath, has been living for over 100 years! It was, no exaggeration, the most amazing piece of art I will ever have the pleasure of seeing. I think I can speak for everyone when I say Michelangelo could not have done a more wonderful job. Jacopo explained how the hands, feet, and head are bigger than the rest of his body because it was made for viewing at the base of the statue. This way, when you look from far away, you can tell the proportions are off, but when you are just under him, gawking at his beauty, it looks as if there are no flaws.


Tonight we went to watch the Italia vs. Costa Rica World Cup futbol game on televisione. It was sad that Italia lost, but we all had fun dressing up and painting Italian flags on our faces. Happy Friday!