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Last Days in Athens

by Maya C. & Carlos C. By the time we reached the top of the mountain our feet were aching, our breathing was heavy, and everyone wanted to collapse. Grabbing hold of our knees to keep from keeling over, we looked up and were instantly amazed. The view from up on the tall hill that towers over Athens was astounding. Everyone stared at one another in shock and forgot the pain in our legs while we absorbed the amazing sight splayed out in front of our eyes. We spent the next hour reveling in the beauty that is Athens, and basking in the warm sun. What did you do with your Tuesday night? Maya & Carlos view Early on Wednesday morning, most of the group woke up and slipped on their swim suits for a lazy day at the beach. We took the tram and throughout the entire ride some man was screeching in rapid fire Greek. We wished we could understand what he was saying! When we got to the beach we were happy to discover an inflatable playground within the water. All of us had a blast scaling the floating obstacle course and splashing around in the warm waves. Once we were all caked in salt with itchy eyes, we rested on the beach under the warm Greek sun. Maya & Carlos beach Since it was our last day Athens, many of us decided to go shopping. We got back in time for dinner and had a giant group meal complete with octopus tentacles, despite strong protest from many people. We headed back to the hotel, dragging our feet, hating the fact that we would soon be leaving Athens, a city we have all come to love dearly. On a brighter note, Rome is just around the corner. We hope it will be filled with as many laughs and “geia sous” as Athens was.

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