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Last Day in Greece
by Student, Alexis W. , New York

Hello again from Greece! Today is our last day, but we’ve had a great time here. Monday started with a bus ride to the quaint town of Nafplio. Before stopping at some breathtaking sites, we read a dialogue with Socrates, which sparked conversation about laws and the values of our justice system. As we walked up the steep hill to the Mycenaean graves, we all had to stop in astonishment to take in the view of the surrounding mountains and the water.

The view was absolutely beautiful! A quick hop back on the bus led us to the tombs, where we all took turns speaking out loud, to hear how our voices echoed in the unique dome-shaped the architecture of the tomb. But one of the most beautiful destinations of our day trip was a castle we visited; a short walk to the top boasted incredible views of endless sea and mountains. The sky, mountains, and water painted an exquisite ombre of blue which made it hard not to stop and take lots of pictures! Our day ended in the town of Nafplio, where we enjoyed shopping along quiet, flower-lined streets.

After a day of lots of walking and hiking, a day at the beach was necessary for some rest and relaxation! A tram ride brought us to the water, where we enjoyed reading, swimming in the water, and kayaking. An obstacle course in the water provided entertainment for those who were daring enough to try it out! Though we had originally planned to eat lunch in the town near the beach, we were all having such a good time that no one wanted to leave! To end our day of relaxation, we enjoyed a pizza dinner atop the roof where we watched the sun slip beneath the mountains and the Acropolis light up the sky. A round of a lively game called werewolf after dinner brought us all together for some fun, and some delicious ice cream around the corner from our hotel topped off a fantastic day.

As today is our last day in Athens, we’ve had time to do some more shopping, and explore the city before we leave tomorrow for Rome. Tonight will be our last experience here in Greece, where we will learn traditional Greek dancing! Greece has been amazing, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in Rome!

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