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La fête National
by Student, Nicole E. , New Jersey

Bonjour! Yesterday was La fête National or the Independence Day for France. In America, people refer to it as Bastille Day, which is because it was the storming of the Bastille. In class, we learned about Bastille day. We learned how it was the start of the French Revolution when the poor rose up in resistance to the nobles. After our lesson, we went out into the street to complete our assignment. The assignment was to take a survey and ask people what Independence Day means to them. It was a bit intimidating walking up to strangers to ask them questions in a foreign language and recording them.

That afternoon electives were held, and the conversation class had a friendly debate about reality tv shows, in French, in the ocean. Later that evening it was time for all of the celebrations to commence. Everyone got all dressed up and ready to go the fireworks at the beach. It cooled down for the start of the fireworks. It was so peaceful sitting on the rocks watching the show in the night sky. Of course, after the celebration we went to Fenocchio’s for gelato, it was a great way to end the holiday!

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