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I’m Going to Spain!

I can’t believe that in a few weeks I will arrive in Spain!

I’m so excited and also a little nervous about my month-long stay in Barcelona and Madrid. I’ve never been to Spain, and I’ve never been away from home for a month.

Everything I’ve heard about both Barcelona and Madrid has been positive. Everyone I’ve talked to who has ever been to Barcelona said they loved it and gave me a list of things to see and do. Even my doctor wrote down on a prescription pad the places he thinks I should visit. The museums, churches and architecture are supposed to be beautiful. I haven’t heard as much about Madrid but what I have heard is that the museums and cultural experiences are wonderful.

Truthfully, I can’t wait to shop! I love shopping, especially when I have access to clothes, jewelry and accessories that aren’t accessible at home. I’m also excited to try the food!  Mexican food (especially chips and salsa, is my favorite) Is Spanish food similar to Mexican food? Do they serve chips and salsa in Barcelona and Madrid? I tend to be a picky eater, but I still want to try new foods. I’ve already met some of my fellow travelers on the Summer 2013 Facebook group page, and they sound excited and a little nervous as well. I can’t wait to meet them and everyone else going Spain. See you soon!