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I Can't Wait to Visit France for the First Time!

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I have dreamt of lying on the beaches in Nice, visiting the rich and famous in Monaco, and shopping on the hillside of Èze since my first day in French class. Thanks to Abbey Road Programs, I have the wonderful opportunity to do so! I decided I wanted to travel and study abroad once I developed a sense of fluency in French. After consulting with parents, teachers, and friends about which program I should choose, region I should visit, and classes I should take, I found Abbey Road’s St-Laurent-du-Var program that offers the thing I most desire: French homestay. This aspect led to me to immediately research and discover more about St-Laurent-du-Var. I eventually chose this program, realizing it was perfect for my wants and needs. The cultural immersion, classes, homestay opportunity, and beautiful location of the town of St-Laurent-du-Var seem too good to be true! I am excited for every aspect of the trip but most look forward to developing my French! Using French outside of the classroom is such an amazing tool to have while learning the language. Some other things I am excited for are the day trips, experiencing the culture, and meeting new people. I hope to make many new, long-time friends during this experience. I can’t wait to visit France for the first time and to constantly hear people speaking French all around me. I will be sure to take advantage of every opportunity presented to me while abroad and am so thankful for this amazing opportunity! -Amy

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