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Western Civilization: Greece!
by Student, Alexis W. , New York

Greetings from Greece!

It’s been an incredible time so far, and we’ve already visited so many historical sights. We landed in Greece on Friday after a tiring flight, and got to meet our other peers from Europe. Though we didn’t know much about each other yet, we all knew we were hungry! As we walked up the winding and hilly streets, we were all relieved to sit down and start to get to know one another. As we all talked, excitement filled the air for the days to come! (Greece High School Summer Abroad with Abbey Road)

Saturday began our weekend, and we started off to one of the most famous landmarks in Greece, the Acropolis. Venturing up hill, we made it to the top, and took in the breathtaking views of Athens. Before experiencing the beauty at the top, however, we stopped along the path for an impromptu discussion. We were guided in conversation about the significance of the Acropolis in Greece, and how it is a symbol of democracy around the world. And at the top, the learning didn’t stop as we continued in our conversation about democracy and the architecture. We also visited the Acropolis Museum as well as the National Archaeological Museum the next day; we were all struck with awe as we witnessed such amazing historical artifacts up close. (Greece High School Summer Abroad with Abbey Road)

We all enjoyed visiting the historical sites and learning more about Greek Culture, but most of us couldn’t wait to get to explore Greece on our own! Walking around the streets of Athens, we got a sense of what life is like living in Athens. A fun scavenger hunt one night led us to notice more about culture; we found stores that we have in America, and items that are
unique to Greece. We had a great weekend, and are excited for the days to come here in Athens! (Greece High School Summer Abroad with Abbey Road)


Alexis W.

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