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By Jessica Hoag, Abbey Road student blogger

As a senior in high school, the time has come for many to graduate. It has been a crazy four years for anyone in high school and now that we are finishing, it is a breath of fresh air. Of course, we will miss the friends we made or the teachers we had but the experiences that are just beginning make it worth it. I am on my second to last day in high school ever and I cannot wait to go on to college. The tests are all finished and the anxiety is kicking in. We wait for our prom then our graduation. Then we wait for our roommate assignments and class schedules. And, finally, we wait for that day in August to come.

My high school has been a comfort zone for me for so long because of the time I have spent here and in the school system. I have been going to school for thirteen years now so it will definitely be a change in pace and comfort when I head off to college in the fall. However, I am more than ready for that adventure in my life to start. Of course, there are still a few things that need to be done before I can fully take the plunge into being a college freshman.

  1. I have to go to prom. While most schools have already held their proms, my school makes the day before prom the last senior day. This way, we go out with a bang and a party. It is a great way to spend the final few hours with your classmates and have the time of our lives doing something out of the ordinary.
  2. I have to graduate. The stage is already set and rehearsals are next week, so I am actually starting to realize that I am done with my entire high school career. I cannot wait to walk across that stage and collect my diploma because I have worked so hard for this moment.
  3. I have to go to orientation. Most schools have some sort of summer orientation for students to get to know the campus, meet their roommate and register for classes. My orientation is at the end of June so I get to look forward to that all month.
  4. I have to go on vacation. While this may be an extravagant graduation trip for many, I have an annual trip to Vermont with my entire family. This really helps me relax and let go of all the anxiety I will have for when August comes.
  5. I have to get all my items together. This means buying all new bedding, toiletries, and the whole shebang. Going off to college is the start of something new and one of the most exciting parts is coordinating with your roommate to make your dorm room feel comfortable for the entire school year.
  6. I have to head down to school. This is definitely the most exciting part because the summer has ended and college is now starting. My school has a week-long orientation program when we get to campus that will help the freshman get acquainted with the school and get ready to spend our freshman year living on the campus with the other students.


I cannot wait for college to start, but there are definitely some things I want to take my time to enjoy before that day in August arrives. So many seniors are graduating and having the same thoughts, so it is nice to have such a support group with others who feel the same way as you. High school was great but college is going to be even better.