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French classes have begun!
by Student, Carolyn M. , Connecticut

Today was our first day of French classes. We spent an hour in the classroom, then spent the rest of the class period talking to people we found in town. Counterintuititively, class was one of my favorite parts of the day; everyone came back with great stories about people they talked to and places they went in town.

I came into the program thinking the hour of in-class learning would be a chore, but it ended up being quite the opposite. The in-class time was really helpful and it didn’t take any longer than it needed to: just the bare necessities we needed for the day, and we were sent off into St. Laurent.

My favorite part of the day was definitely the time we spent out in St. Laurent. In class, we were given directions to ask certain questions of people we saw in stores, in Town Hall, or on the street. My group ended up talking to a lot of interesting people, including a recently immigrated polish man, a tour guide, and an eleven year old girl who could navigate St. Laurent on her purple scooter with more certainty than I could navigate my hometown. We ended up looking though different places all over town, my personal favorite being the chapel in the old part of town.

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