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Final Days in Athens
by Student, Cora E. , Colorado

Goodbye Greece, here we come to Italy! Unfortunately, today is our last day here in Athens. And as sad as we all are to be leaving, the next few cities on our schedule will undoubtedly be amazing!

The last two days in Athens have been much more laid-back. Yesterday, most of the group went to a beach a short tram ride away, where they swam, relaxed, and certainly enjoyed the view. Alexia, our Greek tour guide, celebrated her birthday and we sang to her while we were at dinner. I stayed in Athens with our professor Monica and another student, and we had the chance to visit the Library of Hadrian, the Ancient Agora, and several Greek Orthodox churches. We got to learn a bit more about Ancient Greek history and had more time to walk around and explore the city. After the rest of the group returned from the beach, we had a pizza party on the roof at sunset. From our hotel, we have a great view of the Acropolis, which is brilliantly lit up at night. We ended the night with a walk downtown for gelato.

The view of the Acropolis at sunset

Today, as it is our last day in Athens, we have all day to explore the city, shop, and do anything we didn’t have the chance to do with the whole group. So, in groups of three or more students, everyone went in their different directions. We met up for lunch at the same restaurant we had our first dinner, and later tonight we will meet up again to do our laundry and then take some Greek dancing lessons! Afterward, we’ll go out for dinner and then finish packing up all of our things and preparing to fly to Rome tomorrow. This past week really has been amazing, and everyone is excited about the great weeks and adventures still ahead of us!

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