Housing: Homestay Programs

For homestay study abroad programs, how are the hosts selected?

The majority of our homestays have close, long-term relationships with our local agents and have received many foreign students in the past. When new families join the program, they undergo the same careful selection process as others, including an interview and a home visit. Our Study Abroad Summer Program Directors are also in close contact ...

How will my family be selected? Will my preferences be considered?

First, we will ask you to tell us about yourself and your homestay preferences, as a part of the Study Abroad Program Application. We will then translate and summarize this information to begin the selection process with our foreign agents. Before the Study Abroad program starts, your host family will be identified. We will send you a family ...

May I be placed in the same homestay as my friend? What if I am a vegetarian?

Normally, it will not be a problem to place you in the same homestay as your friend. As for your dietary needs (such as vegetarianism) your homestay will accommodate them. Please note, however, that vegetarian students may need to make an extra effort to help the family understand their dietary needs or find special stores that sell vegetarian ...

Will I have a chance to communicate with my homestay host before I arrive?

Yes, we will encourage and help you to do that. We will provide you with guidelines for writing an introductory letter to your host and ask you to mail it directly to the homestay residence. This way your homestay parent/s will know about you by the time you meet them in person.

Do the host parents speak English?

Typically, the host parents do not, hence the purpose of your presence there — to speak the local language for true "immersion."

Will I have a roommate?

Typically you will room with another Abbey Road student. In larger homestays you may be with 1-3 other Abbey Road students.

How much time will I be spending with my homestay?

As much as you would like! At the very least, you will typically have breakfasts and dinners with your family. Ideally, you will spend some time with them and learn about their lives, make friends with their friends and relatives, go on trips and attend family events. As mentioned above, you will spend 3-4 evenings a week with your family. A ...

How far from classes will the homestay residence be located? How will I get to classes and return home?

We strive to find families who live within a 20-25 minute walk from the school. Some families may live in nearby neighborhoods or communities, in which case we will make sure you have access to public transport or arrange rides in the program van. Usually, several other students from the Study Abroad Program will live in your neighborhood which ...