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El Fin de Semana

On Thursday, after classes and electives, we got to visit a famous chocolate museum in Barcelona, where we saw some amazing things made out of chocolate. I saw La Sagrada Familia and a classic Gaudí lizard made of chocolate.

On Friday, we took a day trip to Montserrat. There was a beautiful cathedral and an amazing view from the mountains. Afterward, we took a bus back to Barcelona, and the group had a relaxing afternoon at the beach.

The next day we visited Tarragona. It was beautiful! We saw ancient Roman ruins and got to walk inside what looked like a mini Colosseum!

Afterward, my friends and I did some great shopping in the little stores. I got a bracelet and bag from local artisans. Then we took a bus to a nearby beach and spent the afternoon playing beach volleyball. Then we had a group dinner and got to watch the Spain tradition of castell, which consists of people building “castles” by climbing on top of one another until a very young child climbs to the top and salutes. It was insane to watch in person after learning about it in class; I was so nervous they might fall!

I can’t believe we are heading into our final week here in Barcelona!