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Dancing through Cádiz

Hello, my name is Dana, and I am a Student Ambassador for this year’s Abbey Road program in Cádiz, Spain! I am seventeen-years-old, and I’m from Wilmington, Delaware. This is my first time attending an Abbey Road Program and also traveling to Spain. These three weeks away will be the longest time I’ve ever spent abroad and also my first time visiting a foreign country without my parents. I am so excited for this amazing opportunity to visit another county and stay with a local family! I started studying Spanish regularly in 7th grade, and I just completed Spanish 4 at my high school. Spanish has always been one of my favorite classes in school, especially when I get to learn about the cultures of different Spanish-speaking countries. By studying abroad, I am hoping I’ll improve my speaking skills and become more comfortable with everyday conversation. Additionally, I do Chinese folk dance at home, and I’ve signed up for Flamenco Dance and Music as my electives. I don’t know anything about Flamenco Dancing, but I am excited to learn! I am most looking forward to meeting new people, trying authentic Spanish cuisine, and exploring what Cádiz and the neighboring Andalusian towns have to offer. I’m also excited to spend three whole weeks in one area of Spain. I’ve traveled to Europe before, but my trips have always been so rushed that it was hard to get a sense of the local lifestyle. I am so thrilled to share my experiences in Cádiz on this blog. I’ll update it again when I arrive in Spain in early July. I hope everyone enjoys this blog as my peers and I enjoy our amazing adventure! -Dana