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Cooking, Speaking Italian, and Seeing the Sights

My name is Anthony, and I will be going on Abbey Road Program’s Florence-Rome trip this summer. I am very excited to have this great opportunity to study abroad in Italy!

I am three quarters Italian and very proud to say so. I enjoy all sorts of Italian traditions but especially cooking, which will be one of the courses I will study.  I cannot wait to increase my palate and come home to cook for my family the meals I will be learning to prepare. Cooking is only one of the reasons I chose this program, however; I have always been interested in speaking my grandmother’s native language, and I want the chance to have conversations with her in Italian.

I visited Italy in 2001, when I was only five, and I’m looking forward to the chance to review all the sights I saw then with a better appreciation of the world now that I’m older. All in all, I am very excited for this trip and very grateful for this opportunity!