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Coming to a Close
Welcome to U.C. Berkeley

Wow, I can’t believe that Leadership Academy is almost over. On Thursday, we went to the University of California at Berkeley, Stanford’s main rival. I had no idea how prestigious the university was, so now it’s my number five university. The campus was so different from Stanford because Stanford is so spread out, but at U.C. Berkeley everything is so compact and all the classrooms are so close together. After the tour, we went back to Stanford to have our final seminar with Lonjezo about the United Nations. We talked about the research that we are supposed to conduct and what they expect us to do at our Model United Nations summit, the final project for the program.

The 3rd highest clock-bell tower in the world is at U.C. Berkeley

On Friday, we had a Skype session with the founder of Abbey Road, Dr. Arthur Kian, who was in Barcelona. He reiterated how we should conduct our research and what sources to use (unfortunately not Wikipedia). After lunch we had a class with a new teacher, Eddy, who works at Conservation International as an environmental economist. His lecture was an hour long, and after that we had a Q-and-A session with him about what it’s like working at a non-profit organization. For dinner, we had a barbecue with everybody from the program and Brittany and Andrew.

The entrance to the California Academy of Sciences

On Saturday, we traveled back into San Francisco to see the California Academy of Sciences. First we went into the planetarium to see a presentation about earthquakes in the Bay Area, especially focusing on the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. After that, we went into an artificial rainforest, filled with different species that live in the rainforest, like butterflies and spiders. I tried to get a butterfly to land on my finger, but that didn’t work out. Then we took the Muni back to Market Street to do some shopping, and finally, at 7 o’clock, we had to catch our train back to Palo Alto.