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Clase de Espanol

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Happy One Week Anniversary to us! Can’t believe we have been in this beautiful city for almost an entire week already! I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun!

Tuesday, we started off the morning with “Clase de Espanol” from 9 to 12 (this is how we are going to start our mornings each day of the school week (Monday through Friday). After lunch and a siesta, we separated into two groups, one headed off to brave two hours’ worth of flamenco classes, and the other to sit down with Celia and Jema for a conversation (in Spanish of course) over drinks. Unfortunately, I have to wait until Thursday to experience the art that is Flamenco Dancing. I would like to say though, for the record, the conversation with Celia and Jema was just as an enriching and entertaining experience as Flamenco lessons. Finally, we all returned to our houses for another “Noche en Casa”, giving ourselves a nice rest for the exciting day to come.

Wednesday arrived, and little did we know that that night we were going to experience the most exquisite sunset on the beach that we had ever seen. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, because of course there are many exciting things that happened beforehand. Clases, of course, started off our morning. I can now say that I am an expert on all Spanish commands, formal and informal. Digme que mi espanol es muy bien! After a nice lunch and siesta spent at the beach, we spent from 4-6 pm in our electives. Photography class learned about aperture and shutter speed! Although I know what those words mean, I am still quite far from mastering the art of photography. After a wonderful “cena en casa”, we all headed out as a group to the beach (La Caleta) and did what was my favorite group activity by far and most likely will still be at the end of my three weeks; watching the sun set as we all tested our beach volleyball skills.

I can’t describe in words how spectacular it was watching the sun go down over the water. Even the beautiful pictures I took of it don’t do it justice. I also was so excited about the fact that we all were doing this as a group. Although there were different people doing different things, there was something about being at the beach for those few hours together that is irreplaceable and unforgettable.

As always, more exciting stuff to come on Friday!

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I'm so loving hearing of your adventures. What great experiences you are having. Love you

2015-07-12 10:42:38

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