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Cádiz: Surfing & World Cup

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Friday June 20, 2014 by Chris Bond, Cádiz Program Director Things are going beautifully here in Cadiz, and everyone is settling in, seeing huge improvements in their language skills, and getting to know the local culture.

The other day, after the last blog, we all went to Playa Cortadura, a beautiful and wide beach in the newer part of the city.  There, with the help of a local surf company, we all went through a surf-training class before getting into the water and trying out our new skills. About half of us were able to catch waves and everyone had a great time (many are begging for the opportunity to return).
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photo 2
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We’ve also had the chance recently to see Spain play in the World Cup. It was very exciting seeing the game in a local plaza, with Spanish flags flying, whistles blowing, horns sounding, and people yelling in encouragement. Unfortunately, screams of encouragement quickly turned into groans of disappointment as Spain lost quickly and with little fanfare.
Classes have been great, and everyone really seems to be putting their best foot forward, learning new grammar, interacting with locals, and learning the slang and pronunciation of Andalusian Spanish–no small feat indeed.
Tonight we head down to new Cadiz to Playa Victoria, where we’ll enjoy some pizza on the beach and have some free time to check out the local vendors and nightlife.
More soon!
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