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Cadiz Session 1 is Almost Over… Already?

Well, it’s been a busy few days, and only a few days remain before Cadiz 2013 Session I is over. It seems crazy!IMG_0815

On Thursday, all three classes traveled by train to visit Jerez, a beautiful town about an hour from Cadiz (famous for sherry, which in Spain is called “jerez”).  This was a great chance to use all sorts of new vocabulary and practice all new skills related to transportation and travel. For many, it was their first time on a train (they got to ride a real train as well as a small touristic train)!

After a walking tour through the center of Jerez, the classes visited the city zoo, where they had a variety of assignments to complete. Everyone had a great time.

Friday we continued with our normal class schedule and at night headed out to Playa Victoria to experience a bit of nighttime (weekend) street life in new Cadiz. The streets were packed with young people, as school had just finished that day and all were out and about celebrating.

Yesterday, we headed to Gibraltar, which was, quite honestly, a mixed experience. As in previous years, we went up to the top of “the Rock,” which is a beautiful place with expansive views (of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, and their meeting point, as well as of Africa). The strangest and most interesting thing about the top of the Rock, however, is the presence of Barbary apes.

We took a cable car up to the top of the Rock to see these apes and the views and wander around such a venerable symbol. Unfortunately, however, the apes this year were a bit more aggressive than they had been in previous years. After losing two lunches to the apes thievery and nearly losing two wallets and passports to the same, we retreated more quickly this year than in previous years, and headed back down the mountain to the town.

For the rest of the day, the students (and staff) enjoyed walking around this strange bit of Britain at the bottom of the Iberian peninsula, enjoying fish and chips and steak pies and the like. We all enjoyed the trip, though I think we also enjoyed getting back to Spain… I for one certainly did.

As these final days quickly tick off on the calendar, we still have all sorts of exciting things planned. Tonight is a soccer final that Spain will be playing in, and tomorrow we’ll be visiting a water park!

-Christopher Romero Bond

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