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Cadiz Session 1 Has Arrived!

After a long and exhausting journey across an ocean and through many time zones, our students have made it to Cadiz! Our staff already in Cadiz met them at the airport, bearing water and snacks. We hopped onto our chartered bus, and within an hour, everyone was being hugged and kissed by their Cadiz señora. After a little while in the Plaza de España, the students headed off to their Spanish homes for lunch, relaxation, showers, and conversation with the families. In the evening, after our official Abbey Road orientation and phone calls home, we all headed home (staff included) for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Today we will be headed to the beach, after taking a short tour of Cadiz and spending a little while in the classroom. Tonight, our first group dinner! More soon, as it happens. -Christopher Romero Bond