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Cadiz By Bicycle and Kayak

Well! After a great night at La Cava (the flamenco venue) and a brief night of rest, we headed off today to Los Torunos, a natural park within the bay of Cadiz. The place is gorgeous and strange looking – a massive 1,000 hectare piece of scrubby land laced with saltwater marshes, tidal rivers, small pine forests, old salt ponds, aquaculture canals, and bizarre salt-loving plants.

We explored the place on bike with a number of local guides. When we finished that tour, and after eating lunch, we walked down to the docks to pick up our life jackets, paddles, and kayaks.

We paddled within a tidal river, fighting the strong current (the tide was filling the river at the time – the current only stops for about 45 minutes a day when a momentary stasis is reached before the tide heads back out and the current switches directions), splashing and occasionally capsizing. After a short trip to the beach there, we jumped back on the bus and headed back to Cadiz.
Tonight, with many of us exhausted from the heat and exertion, we have little planned.  We will all be meeting in Plaza Mina for some delicious ice cream, and those who wish to check out the nightlife a bit will have a couple of hours of free time. Tomorrow, with everything closed and classes to start on Monday, we’ll be “easy like Sunday morning.” We are all meeting for churros con chocolate in the late morning. Those that would like to attend Catholic mass will then be able to do so in the cathedral. Later in the afternoon, we will be climbing the cathedral tower to enjoy panoramic views of the city and then heading down into the old cathedral to check out some ancient ruins of previous civilizations of Cadiz.
-Christopher Romero Bond