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Busy Times in Boston

Hello everybody,

These last two days were pretty intense, we had a lot of work and did so much! We took another SAT practice test on Thursday, and for this one, we really got a chance to use all the techniques that the teacher taught us. I could really see the results because I ended up increasing my score by 200 points. I’m pretty happy!

On Thursday we also visited Northeastern University, which is a really nice college. The campus looks great, and the students seem to like studying there.All of us during our tour of Northeastern University

Me at Babson College!On Friday we visited Babson College. It was a little drive from Boston, but I liked this college a lot! It looks amazing, the dorms are very roomy, and the environment is very peaceful because it is in the country. Wanting to major in business, I was really interested in the school, because Babson specializes in business and has a variety of classes I am interested in. I could really see myself going there for college!

We’ve also been learning a lot during our College Admissions and Writing class. I truly feel like I’m starting to build my application, and that I’m setting my goals for college.