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by Student, Nicole E. , New Jersey

This first weekend of our Nice trip was amazing. Although we got there to find out there is a heat wave going on currently, the heat did not make a dent in our fun. On Saturday once we got to the residence, unpacked and freshened up it was time to meet all of our peers. We did this while having a snack (with the best croissants I have ever tasted in my life).

Afterward, we took a little tour of the town. Everywhere I look there is a beautiful castle or building or even the bluest ocean. The shops are adorable, it is a necessity to stop and get the refreshing and delicious gelato. I saw a avocado and cactus flavored one and one day I will work up the courage to try them. We finished off the night with the most elegant of dinners followed by a walk on the promenade where you could look back and see the city all lit up.

Sunday was a wonderful day. We got to catch up on some sleep and have a typical French brunch. A majority of the stores were closed (on Sundays the French like to enjoy life, good company, and their beautiful city, a bit different than the fast pace of the US). However, that was no problem at all. We spent a few hours on the beach. The water was crystal clear and in this heat, it felt insanely refreshing. It was very new and interesting it has a pebble beach, it was my first time ever seeing a pebble beach. And of course, we have to get lemonades and gelato. We also received a good amount of free time to explore or stay in the residence. Most of us went out exploring. It was so much fun just walking around and seeing all the rules and street vendors.

Until the next adventure!

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