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Bonjour from Nice

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Bonjour from Nice

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Blog for June 10th

Bonjour! The trip is going great so far.

 The people are all really nice and the place is beautiful. I still find it weird, and amazing, that I can wake up everyday and walk any which way outside the resident to find a patisserie or bakery within one hundred feet. All the locals are so nice and really make an effort to help, even though their idea of doing that is speaking English. I think that by making the effort it shows their kindness and compassion. Also, it is part of my routine quotienne or daily routine to get gelato. I already think that the workers at Fenoccio’s recognize us. I’m trying to branch out and try different flavor but the fraise sorbet keeps pulling me in!

This evening we went near the promenade I think it is called the old Nice. In the day this place is small restaurants with a flower, legume, and fruit market in the center. However, in the night time this place expands into a thriving night life territory. The fresh food market in the center transforms into a wonderful marketplace with homemade jewelry and soaps. It was spectacular but also dangerous in the sense that everything was so pretty and I wanted to purchase it all!

View from the top of the modern art museum

Until the next adventure, Bon soirée!

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