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Bastille Day!
by Student, Sydney A. , Georgia

Yesterday was a normal start to any other day, wake up, breakfast, walk to our meeting place, and classes. After lunch we went to Villefranche. Here we split up into two groups; one went snorkeling and the other group stayed on the beach. Then the groups switched off. I was in that second group.

On to Nice and Villefranche once again!

While snorkeling we saw schools of fish and many different kinds of ocean plants. We got to hold sea urchins and bright orange starfish. No one except for the professionals could go very deep because we weren’t used to the water pressure in our ears. However, I tried to go as far down as possible because I really love seeing things from such an interesting perspective.


Yesterday was also July 14th! Bastille Day! We had dinner with our host families, then we spent the rest of the night at the beach with the group. We had a great time just hanging out with of members of the program and walking along the beach and boardwalk. We left the beach and headed back to our homestays between 11-11:30 tired and ready to go to sleep.

 Today, Wednesday was the same morning routine as all the other days. We had lunch in the park for an hour, and then we began our electives. We switched our free time to after the afternoon activities so that we would have more freedom in where we go. For my photography elective, my class and I went to Antibes.

Had a conversation with this French cat during class in “la vieille ville” in St. Laurent

We had a wonderful time walking around and taking pictures of beautiful scenery. After our electives, we took the train back to St. Laurent and had our free time near the mall. It was great to walk around the air-conditioned mall after an afternoon in the sun. We spent the evening with our homestay families for dinner and a night in. My family and roommates played a game of Pétanque, which is a very popular game here.

I am pretty exhausted from all of these fun exciting activities!


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