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A Work of Art: Second Half of Athens

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Well that’s a wrap!

Being in Greece has been an incredible experience, and we all had a blast! Everything from the ancient ruins scattered around the city of Athens to Greece’s picturesque blue waters that I fly above now. Although Rome is next on the agenda, Athens will not be forgotten.

The second half of our time in Athens was just as spectacular as the first. We learned about three different periods of Greek art: Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic, each with its own unique qualities. A common trend is that the later the pieces, the less rigid and more energetic the statues became. One of the most noteworthy sculptures was a Hellenistic piece of a boy riding a horse, and from the front it seems as if the horse is charging right at you!

After reading Plato’s Crito about Socrates, we discussed and questioned, like Socrates, what in our view is the definition of just and unjust laws. It was a difficult topic to tie our heads around, just as Socrates felt while in prison. Instead of leaving prison unlawfully, as he easily had the option to do, he proclaimed that he would follow the Greek law and be put on trial. Socrates was later executed, so did he really make the right choice?

I have never seen water and beaches so beautiful before; it is unreal! Debatably, the view from the top of Lykavitos was just as spectacular, and we were mesmerized by the mountainous Greek landscape in the distance, as well as the sprawling city below us. The “hike” up was strenuous, but undoubtedly worth it.

It was hard to say goodbye to Athens, as we were beginning to truly feel at home, but new and probably unforgettable adventures await us in the great city of Rome. Ciao Roma!



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