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A Weekend in Cádiz

Although I’ve been enjoying my classes, I was so excited for a change of schedule and for the weekend to begin!

We started Saturday morning by going on an excursion to Los Toruños, a national park that’s a quick bus ride away from Cádiz. We first went on a bike ride to see the salt marshes and small pine forests with fresh water plants. It was cool to learn about how some plants survived in the salt water and to see all the crabs on the shore. After lunch, we took to the water in kayaks, which was a great way to get some exercise. There was a lot of splashing and getting wet, but I think we all avoided tipping over!

On Sunday, we stayed in Cádiz for a relaxed day. We met for churros and chocolate near the Plaza de Flores, which was a delicious way to begin our morning. After breakfast, I attended mass at the cathedral, which was an interesting experience I had never witnessed before. Afterwards, we all met up again to climb to the top of the cathedral’s tower for views of the city and to visit the Yacimiento Arqueológico Casa del Obispo, an ancient site that has layered ruins from several civilizations, such as the Phoenicians and Romans.


                      We started our second week of school by doing an activity at El Piojito, a large outdoor flea market that sells clothing, shoes, and jewelry. Tonight, the whole group is going to a tetería, or teashop, near the Plaza de Mina. -Dana

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