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A Few Days in Rome

Arriving in Rome felt completely different than Florence. There are buses and cars everywhere, and people definitely seem to be in a bigger rush. Rome also had a lot of historical buildings and sites to see.

The group went to see the Vatican, which is my favorite place that we’ve been to so far. The amount of art around the building is beautiful and amazing. I was in disbelief that some of the artwork done on the ceilings was even possible.

We also went to the Colosseum, which was amazing to see in person after learning about this place many times in social studies. We also got free time to explore the city on our own, which was totally different than going around Florence. It’s nice that we get to spend the last few days in the country exploring somewhere new. It will be hard to say goodbye to everyone tomorrow and to go back home, but it was great to be able to travel and explore together.